Research papers on bioweapons

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Research papers on bioweapons

Over the last two years she has published a series of revealing reports on weapons smuggling. Two months ago South Front published her investigation into the Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world.

Her current report provides an overview of the Pentagon-funded experiments at the Research papers on bioweapons UK military laboratory Porton Down near Salisbury, where an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent.

The Porton Down Lab is located just 13 km from the site where Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found and from where they were rushed to hospital. DTRA has also been granted full access to DSTL scientific and technical capabilities, and test data under a contract for the collaboration and exchange of scientific and technical capabilities with the UK Ministry of Defence.

At leastanimals used for military chemical and biological experiments at Porton Down Animal experiments are classified as confidential in the UK.


Under section 24 of the Animals Scientific Procedures Actit is a criminal offence to disclose certain information about animal experiments in the UK. Data obtained via the Freedom of Information Act though gives an idea of the dimensions of military chemical and biological experiments carried out at Porton Down.

A total ofanimals have been exposed to deadly pathogens, chemicals and incurable diseases over the last decade Monkeys being used in warfare agent testing at Porton Down in the past Animals used include mice, guinea pigs, rats, pigs, ferrets, sheep, Research papers on bioweapons non-human primates.

Scientists at Porton Down have infected, or poisoned, animals in order to measure time to death and lethal dose of exposure. Marmoset monkeys are experimentally infected at Porton Down with Ebola, Anthrax, Marburg Virus and other deadly pathogens. Scientists measure time to death and lethal dose of exposure to the bio agent.

Vic Pigula Ebola as bioweapon 12 Marmoset monkeys were experimentally infected with the Ebola virus, via aerosol, at Porton Down under a Pentagon-funded project — Experimental respiratory infection of marmosets with Ebola virus Kikwit the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus which killed more than people in Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo, in All infected marmoset monkeys died from 6 to 10 days after exposure to the Ebola virus.

The Pentagon also funded studies on the deadly Marburg virus: This virus causes viral hemorrhagic fever and is listed as a Category A Bioterrorism Agent. All infected monkeys died from 8 to 10 days. The aim of the studies was to examine the dose and time to death for animals exposed to aerosolized Marburg virus.

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Mapp Biopharmaceutical is an American pharmaceutical company, which has developed an Ebola vaccine from the tobacco plant. According to the study, aerosol infection is the likely route of exposure to Western Equine Encephalitis Virus in a biowarfare scenario.

The value of LD50 for a substance is the dose required to kill half the members of the tested population after a specified test duration. Six of the monkeys died from anthrax from 40 to h.

During the experiment at Porton Down 16 pigs were exposed to mustard gas for about 10 minutes, at 12 h post exposure the animals were killed three of them died during the experiment due to complications and a full post-mortem examination performed in order to determine the lung damage caused by the sulfur mustard inhalation.

Research papers on bioweapons

It has been classified as a Class 1 human carcinogen, meaning that it can also cause cancer. Mustard agents were regulated under the Chemical Weapons Convention as substances with no use other than in chemical warfare. The last use of Sulfur mustard in battle was confirmed in Syria in According to The Independentthe Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW confirmed that laboratory tests had come back positive for sulfur mustard, after around 35 Kurdish troops fell sick on the battlefield in August The work on the program included Phosgene Gas tests.

According to the program documents, the purpose was to monitor the development of acute lung injury following phosgene exposure. Phosgene gas was used extensively as a chemical weapon, most notably during World War I. The project was funded by the UK Ministry of Defence. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, photos: Facebook Guinea pigs were found in the house of the poisoned ex-spy in Salisbury, just a few kilometers away from Porton Down, where such guinea pigs were used for nerve agent chemical tests.

In a report to the UK parliament the UK Ministry of Defence does confirm the use of animals for military chemical and biological experiments.

Porton Down scientists test chemical gas on London Tube passengers Chemical gas was released on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during a military experiment on the London Underground, documents reveal.

These chemical tests were performed in by scientist from Porton Down. Porton Down scientists released chemical gas on the London Underground in The UK government never informed the British public of the military experiment on the London Underground.

Thousands of people were exposed to chemical gas without their knowledge. Nor did the Ministry of Defence ask for their consent to participate in such military experiments.

Among them are the London Underground chemical trials. Information obtained from the UK government contracts registry confirms that Porton Down scientists conducted a study involving access to the London tube under a 3-year contract with the London Underground The content of the project is not specified though.

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In the event that the Contract becomes classified the Contractor must safeguard information.Perhaps the biggest ongoing medical scandal of the past hundred years is the fact that it has been known since that Multiple Sclerosis is a neurospirochetosis caused in 25% of cases by Borrelia burgdorferi s.l.

(the bacterium that causes Lyme disease) and 75% by Treponema denticola (dental spirochetes), and that the Big-Pharma-controlled medical . British Biomedical Bulletin is an open access, peer reviewed journal with a wide scope and aim to publish unique and genuine information related to various human and non-human based biomedical experimental studies.

Biomedical Bulletin aims to publish related information through, research articles, review papers, case reports, short . Science, Technology, and the Biological Weapons Convention.

Latest ACA Resources. Biological Weapons. was against any recommendation for the censoring of any of the research. As a result, both of the papers in question were published in full earlier this year. see Amy Smithson, Germ Gambits: The Bioweapons Dilemma, Iraq and Beyond. John Rogers, Tropica Disease expert with the National Institutes of Health.

Martin John Rogers was found "near" his wrecked car down in an embankment in western Maryland on Thursday, September 4, , after disappearing on August 21, when he left home for work at the world-renowned research center near Washington, D.C.

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Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program At Porton Down

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