Psychology essay competition

Ultimately, four students from high schools around the world were named winners, but the broader impact was that a bevy of young people learned about how to age well and how to support this goal for our current aging population. The potential contribution of younger to older generations is enormous, and it has been truly inspiring to see the passion and ingenuity with which these high school students approach an aging world. The winners provided insight into their experience and the implications for the psychology of aging.

Psychology essay competition

Mourant Jersey essay competition puts mental health in the spotlight [Dynamic date] 06 July Mourant, a leading offshore law firm and governance services provider, has continued its work in highlighting the importance of health and wellbeing by committing three years of sponsorship to an annual psychology essay writing competition that aims to raise awareness of mental health issues in the island.

The competition requires Jersey's psychology students to write a word essay on a topic relating to mental health in psychology, thinking independently and critically to demonstrate an understanding of the topic.

It's open to all final year students year 13 in Jersey studying Psychology at A-Level and through the International Baccalaureate. Maintaining good mental health is essential to living a full, productive life and to realising your full potential which is why, as an employer, we're passionate about raising awareness of mental health in the wider community and supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our people.

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Mourant also has a number of Mental Health First Aiders in its team, who are trained on how to spot the first signs of mental health issues and to offer support in a calm and non-judgmental way.

The competition is judged by an independent panel composed of Ruth Emsley, Head of Psychology from the Jersey prison, Michelle Vaughan, Principle Educational Psychologist, and Rachel Baxter, Senior Adviser with responsibility for teaching and learning and secondary curriculum from the Education Department.

This competition provides students with an opportunity to extend their understanding of Psychology in this area and to go beyond their curricula. It presents them with a platform to critically analyse and evaluate different perspectives in the field of mental health.

The competition also equips students with a mechanism to demonstrate to employers or universities a clear interest and passion for the subject. For students who would like to take part in this competition, please contact a.The final psychology AS-Level Essay Competition for sixth-form students took place in There are currently no plans to reinstate the competition.

The Department uses other methods of outreach, such as open days (for information, please see the Cambridge Open Days page).

TOPSS Competition for High School Psychology Students -

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pupil. Essays should be emailed to the following address, [email protected], when you will receive an acknowledgement.

Psychology essay competition

The same address can be used for any queries for the judges. The closing date is the 30th June Letters will also be sent to . Psychology of Competition Essay Introduction Psychologists have always disagreed on if competition is a genetic aspect of human conduct or if it is learnt - Psychology of Competition Essay introduction.

In the past year, high school psychology students embarked upon an essay to describe an “Aging World,” the theme of this year’s Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) annual essay competition for high school psychology students.

The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) is pleased to announce the APA TOPSS Competition for High School Psychology Students. To be entering in scholarship contest, the candidates should submit an essay that provides information concerning physical, psychological and social factors that influence the aging process.

Law firm sponsors psychology A-level essay competition | Jersey Evening Post