Moe pre u scholarship essay

At that time, I had no idea what that test was all about, but I went nevertheless. The math test, however, was challenging, and I had to come up with my own formulas based on my common sense and my own understanding in an attempt to solve the questions. At the end, she asked me: I thought it was just some test and some casual chat session.

Moe pre u scholarship essay

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I thought I would write about scholarships in general in this post since I havent really Moe pre u scholarship essay talking about them before. There are 2 types of scholarships available, namely the bond-free types and the bonded types.

The bond free types tend to be funded by the universities themselves — an example being the AB Duke Memorial Scholarship Programme http: I heard there were only about 20 applicants from Singapore 2 years ago, such a waste And you should take a look at the other bond-free scholarships available too by googling or finding out from the university that you want to attend, brightsparks isnt the only source available even though they seem comprehensive.

If you get desperate, there are some funny scholarships available that are like this: Now we will look at bonded scholarships. There are a few ways that you can look at bonded scholarships: A win-win situation to allow you to join the organization that you want to work in after your studies A lot of times, people take up a scholarship just because they want to go overseas for their studies.

But this is a very common pitfall that people fall into, because eventually when they come back from their studies they find themselves either 1. So please dont see a scholarship as a way to fund your overseas education, try to look beyond that and think about whether you really want to be in that organization for the next 10 years of your life, or you will sign and regret in future.

I am happy working in the civil service, haha, so I didnt have such a tough choice to make. It would probably have been tougher if I didnt get PSC though because I wouldnt have been so sure about working elsewhere.

So how do you decide what scholarships are good for you, since there is such a long list of scholarships available? You can either mass spam HMM or shortlist a few that you like or wont mind, based on your interests or what you know about the organization. What I did was to first shortlist the scholarships based on the courses that they were willing to fund me.

For instance, I dont think I will be studying horticulture in university, so NParks was out for me. I didnt think I was going to study anything related to urban development, so URA was out for me, and so on. Of course you shouldnt take up a scholarship just because they fund your field of study, but it is somewhat related to the job knowledge and scope that you will need in future and I was quite sure I dont want to stare at plants the whole day.

Take the brochures that they give you and read it, it often tells you the salient points of what the job is about and what joining the organization entails. Talk to people at the fair too because they will definitely give you some idea of what the job is about beyond what is written in each brochure.

And if you need more info, there is always the World Wide Web. If you dont like the feel of it, you will be very miserable for the next few years, and you make the organization miserable too because then they have a very unhappy staff member.

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And you will get even more miserable when you see your friends enjoying their job while you are stuck in yours because you hate it so much. Dont ever compelled to take a scholarship because you feel that you MUST go overseas for your undergraduate education.

Maybe you see that 1. If you really must go overseas to study, think about taking a study loan overseas if that option is available. Or beg for financial aid. Or if you manage to convince your parents, maybe they will let you take their lifetime savings highly unrecommended.

Or look on the bright side and know that you can go overseas for your graduate studies. But dont sign on the dotted line and then regret it when the time comes, because the high of getting a scholarship does not last 6 years. Maybe in the first month people are like wow you got a scholarship, wow cool etc but after that, it starts to hit and then you realized you signed yourself into a situation that you dont want to be in.

I say that because I know of people who already regret signing their bond even before going to study! Can you imagine, they havent even started work and they are already regretting it It makes me feel so lucky that I got the scholarship that I always wanted because my choice is markedly easier, but I dont want you all to fall into the same predicament as my friend is in right now.

And before I end off this article, I just wanted to point out something about the brightsparks forum http: The forum is a place with lots of helpful people who are willing to answer your questions, but helpful people are not the same as informative people or people with inside information or people already in the system.

I have unwittingly misled people before on the forum and stand correctedand I have been misled multiple times by moderators or long-time posters. Neither BrightSparks nor we give any illusion that the information provided is definitive, and take no responsibility for any consequences.40 thoughts on “ASEAN Scholarships For Malaysia Selection Tests” I did have received the I know what types of essay questions the MOE usually asks the Pre-U candidates to write?Thank you.


Moe pre u scholarship essay

Pauline says: June 8, at PM day did you guys received the e-mail for the A Pre-U ASEAN Scholarship . The MOE Pre-University Scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education to top students who have achieved outstanding academic results and excelled in co-curricular and other activities.

40 thoughts on “ASEAN Scholarships For Malaysia Selection Tests” I did have received the I know what types of essay questions the MOE usually asks the Pre-U candidates to write?Thank you. Reply. Pauline says: June 8, at PM day did you guys received the e-mail for the A Pre-U ASEAN Scholarship Selection.

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Author. Oct 22,  · The MOE pre-u scholarship is one of the few scholarships that isn't need-based and is % merit-based; that means that they don't take into account your family income, and it's completely based on how much you deserve it.

So the monetary value isn't very high, because it's not meant to help students in need (there are many, many other. JC1 (including VCA Year 5) students applying for MOE Pre-U Scholarships, Humanities Scholarships, Regional Studies Programme Scholarships, Language Elective Scholarships, A*STAR JC Science Award and the DSTA JC Scholarships, please go to JC Scholarships.

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