Marketing plan for bicycle company

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Marketing plan for bicycle company

Marketing plan for bicycle company

The company, operating from a 3, square foot building in prime location, is solely owned by a long time bicycle enthusiast, Rick Austin. Austin has many years of experience in the retail bicycle industry, as well as a business degree from Washington State University, where the bike shop is located.

The shop sells all types of bikes, from beach cruisers to mountain bikes. In addition to bike sales, the shop offers services, accessories and parts, which are installed by certified mechanics.

Biking hats and apparel are also available. As the exclusive dealer for four big manufacturers, the company also markets to the surrounding population of overpeople in the Quad Cities area, which includes three other colleges. In the area, there are three competing bike shops; however, none are able to offer the popular brands that are exclusive to Ride On Bikes.

Washington University has a strong outdoor lifestyle culture.

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The students and the shop will work together on student riding programs and events. The owner has also formed several key partnerships with suppliers and industry experts that will ensure the long term success of the company. Rick has over 20 years of experience in the industry, as well as business education.

Ride On Bikes also has two full-time certified mechanics on staff and a part-time sales force to assist with customer service. The company will maintain low overhead and minimal liabilities. The business will be debt free within five years.

The shop, which serves the large university population, caters to many different segments including: In addition to bike sales, the store has a full line of accessories, apparel and parts.

The shop also has certified mechanics to provide repairs and installations for customers. The company is solely owned by Rick Austin, a lifelong bicycle mechanic. Rick began riding and working on bikes at a young age, which began his love for the cycling community. As a teenager he worked for a bike shop after school and during the summer, where he eventually became a certified bike mechanic.

Along with learning how to work on bikes, Rick made several key contacts with sales reps of various companies in the biking industry.

After relocating to the Pullman area to attend college for a business degree, Rick realized the need for a bike shop in the area. The 3, square foot shop has over 1, square feet of retail space and square feet of service area.

The remaining portion of the building is used for office space and inventory storage. Other assets include tools, cash register, computer, retail displays and signage. Intangibles, such as experience, relationships and location will prove to be the most valuable components of Ride On Bikes.

Bikes are available in many styles, including: In addition to bike sales, many accessories locks, racks, water bottles, etc. Finally consumers can find a wide range of parts to fix or upgrade their bikes. The service department has two full-time certified mechanics to help with any bike repairs and maintenance, including tune-ups, flat repairs, accessory installation and warranty repairs.

All new bikes come with two free tune-ups to ensure the bike is functioning properly after purchase. Ride On Bikes is also the only bike store in the area to regularly stock all disciplines of bikes, as well as a full array of accessories and parts. Additionally, Ride On Bikes is very active in the bicycling community and offers weekly group rides and community-building activities.

For competitive riders, the shop also offers discounts on products and services. A Giant brand dealer is located across town. This is a smaller shop and is inconvenient for the university students.

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In the nearby city of Lewiston there are two other bike shops, which concentrate on mountain bikes. Ride On Bikes has exclusive distribution agreements and a preferred location for university students. These factors will allow Ride On Bikes to overcome its competition.

In the surrounding areas, indirect competition consists of mass retailers, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Shopko. All of these have significantly lower prices; however, the quality of their bikes is much lower than what Ride On Bikes offers.

None of these large retailers have service capabilities.

Marketing plan for bicycle company

Competing companies are not able to match these capabilities.components of the Business Plan. It in no way depicts or represents any known company. CYCLE-RAMA MARKETING PLAN. I. Market Analysis.

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