Literature summative assesment

Lou Marchesano Participants should bring copies of MYP Unit planners that they are getting ready to teach with copies of the summative assessment tasks designed for the unit.

Literature summative assesment

I pride myself on having a large vocabulary. Using numbers and numerical symbols is easy for me. Music is very important to me in daily life. I always know where I am in relation to my home.

I consider myself an athlete. I feel like people of all ages like me.

Typical Characteristics

I often look for weaknesses in myself that I see in others. The world of plants Literature summative assesment animals is important to me.

I enjoy learning new words and do so easily. I have wide and varied musical interests including both classical and contemporary. I do not get lost easily and can orient myself with either maps or landmarks.

I feel really good about being physically fit. I like to be with all different types of people. I often think about the influence I have on others. I enjoy my pets. I love to read and do so daily. I often see mathematical ratios in the world around me. I have a very good sense of pitch, tempo, and rhythm.

Knowing directions is easy for me. I have good balance and eye-hand coordination and enjoy sports which use a ball. I respond to all people enthusiastically, free of bias or prejudice. I believe that I am responsible for my actions and who I am. I like learning about nature.

I enjoy hearing challenging lectures. Math has always been one of my favorite classes. My music education began when I was younger and still continues today. I have the ability to represent what I see by drawing or painting.

My outstanding coordination and balance let me excel in high-speed activities.

Literature summative assesment

I enjoy new or unique social situations. I try not to waste my time on trivial pursuits. I enjoy caring for my house plants. I like to keep a daily journal of my daily experiences. I like to think about numerical issues and examine statistics. I am good at playing an instrument and singing.

My ability to draw is recognized and complimented by others. I like being outdoors, enjoy the change in seasons, and look forward to different physical activities each season. I enjoy complimenting others when they have done well.

I enjoy hunting and fishing. I read and enjoy poetry and occasionally write my own. I seem to understand things around me through a mathematical sense. I can remember the tune of a song when asked. I can easily duplicate color, form, shading, and texture in my work.The authors define the terms ormative evaluation and summative evaluation in terms of the use of assessment data and separate the issue of assessment instruments from assessment use.

formative assessment has been researched somewhat more thoroughly in the educational technology literature. TLC - Thinking through Literature and Culture. Famous Quotes. Reuters. The Jerusalem Post. CrossTalk Talk Show. The Doctors TV Show.

Summutive Assessment. Subscribe to posts. All my sons posted May 4, Summative Assessment.

Literature summative assesment

Summative assessment has been highlighted in this section of the review for the opposite reason; that is, the scarcity of literature on summative assessment in comparison to . summative tests, one common example being the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests for reading, mathematics, science, writing, U.S.

history, civics, geography, and the arts. Assessment is an essential element of education used to inform instruction (Wren, ). The first step in implementing good reading instruction is to determine student baseline performance.

Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom

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