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The bare bones basics of Wicca and Witchcraft. Just some of the things included in this body of knowledge are basic theology of the God, Goddess and other deities Your "Magick Ability Test" Are you a man or a woman?

Edain mccoy how to do automatic writing authors

Never let it be said the broom does not have sex appeal. In contrast to Gardnerian Wicca, remnants of an authentic folk magic did survive into the 20th century. This folk magic, whose practitioners have been Christians for centuries, may be the true surviving remnant of ancient European religions.

Witchcraft Today described a surviving pre-Christian religion that celebrated the seasonal changes with Sabbats and the lunar cycles with Esbats. The model Gardnerian coven consisted of thirteen people who worked together skyclad during fairly elaborate rituals.

Wicca is the Anglo-Saxon word for a male witch according to Baker, who notes that this term had been out of popular usage centuries before Gardner adopted it. This religion obviously fills a need in the lives of people, who seek spirituality but who reject patriarchal and often anti-sexual alternatives.

He also traced the roots of the New Forest coven back to pre-Christian times, and stated that a handwritten Book of Shadows was the source of their ancient rituals.

His critics primarily focus on the fact that no independent research has validated the existence of Wicca.

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Baker, for example, notes that Gardner was a member of the Folklore Society in England, but society members edain mccoy how to do automatic writing authors after his death said they had never heard of the Wiccan sect that Gardner claimed to have uncovered.

The Four Criticisms I will now examine in greater detail four of the criticisms raised about Wicca by those who believe that Gardner completely fabricated it. The first criticism is that the New Forest coven too neatly followed the model of witchcraft that Margaret Murray had described in her book, The Witch Cult in Europe.

This idea was greeted with ridicule by her academic colleagues and damaged her credibility as a respected Egyptiantologist. Today, few scholars consider her interpretations of the then-known facts to have been accurate. Clutterbuck was born in India in and died in England in She left an estate of 60, pounds, which made it reasonable for her to have owned the old large house near the New Forest where Gardner said he was initiated.

A third charge is that British occultist Aleister Crowley was paid by Gardner to write his rituals. Valiente, who is the author of several books about modern witchcraft, is a source of many facts about Gardner.

edain mccoy how to do automatic writing authors

A fourth criticism, made by Issac Bonewits, is that the Wiccan Rede is also of modern origin. Bonewits is an independent scholar, active Druid, and long-time critic of Gardner. Based on the critiques made by Bonewits, Baker, Kelly and others, today most Wiccans accept that Gardner freely added materials from other occult traditions to his brand of Wicca.

Gardnerian Wicca does provide us with a positive mythology of pre-Christian religion that we wished had survived, but for which there is almost no historical evidence. The worship of the Goddess and the Horned God of Nature at seasonal and lunar celebrations are authentically very ancient.

Only the Gardnerian rituals and tools we use are of modern origin. Historical Witchcraft A traditional witchcraft, untainted by Gardner or other modern reconstructionists, does exist, although its practitioners usually do not call themselves witches.

Instead, Baker writes that they are called the village sorcerers, wizards, cunning men, and wise women. These wise ones, or white witches, were common in the British Isles and isolated parts of the United States until well into this century, when mass public education spread a scientistic viewpoint that devaluated and dismissed traditional knowledge as being merely superstitious.

Baker says that the cunningfolk had no unifying Book of Shadows that contained their standard rituals. Traditional village witchcraft was practiced by solitaries who passed on their knowledge to one apprentice at a time. Local folk went to the wise ones for cures, prophecy, and protection.

The wise ones also knew and used local native plants in their medicines and magical potions. Two American folk magic traditions with historical roots in white witchcraft are those of the Southern Appalachians and the Pennsylvania Dutch. I will examine each of these traditions in the following sections.

Appalachian Folk Magic Starting in the midth century, Anglo-Celtic settlers from the lower social classes sought to flee recurring religious and political persecutions in Scotland and Ireland by immigrating to the southern Appalachian mountains in North America.

Cross-cultural exchanges of customs and intermarriage between the European immigrants and American natives led to a hybrid magic that was based on Celtic and some native customs. Geographical barriers, imposed by the mountains, resulted in widespread poverty and isolation among the mountain people, which allowed their beliefs and magic that dated back to the Middle Ages to survive undisturbed.

A spell cast in a graveyard at the stroke of twelve was the most prevalent folk magical practice, because while burial grounds were considered places where evil lurked, they also were believed to contain great magical power that could be harnessed for good or evil.

Some of the specific beliefs behind the magical practices she writes about include the following: Fatalist thinking is related to predestination and is a legacy of the Calvinist theology of the early Scottish Protestant churches.

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These people can choose to use their power for either good or evil purposes. Southern folk magic has always tended to be a solitary practice.

This folk magic requires little preparation, and no expensive tools, specialized knowledge, nor priestly caste. It is primarily concerned with omens, portents, curses, cures, and protection and is not geared toward obtaining material goals.

Today the continuing survival of Southern mountain magic as an indigenous folk practice is doubtful. She has Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors, as I also do.Edain McCoy has 37 books on Goodreads with ratings.

Edain McCoy’s most popular book is Celtic Myth & Magick: Harnessing the Power of the Gods and G. Getting The Basics Every set of beliefs or religion has it's basic concepts and it's misconceptions.

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In many ways, doing. Edain McCoy Edain McCoy Is the author of books such as A Guide To Astral Projection.

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