Bsad 204 chapter 1 test

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Bsad 204 chapter 1 test

Chapter Overview Everyone has gone to school, so everyone knows what it must be like to be a teacher. Prospective teachers need to explore their desire to teach in more depth, and Chapter 1 encourages them to do just that.

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Teaching is a very satisfying career for thousands of people, yet to be satisfied in the career, prospective teachers must think about why they are becoming teachers and whether their career aspirations can be fulfilled in teaching. Chapter 1 presents factual data as well as case studies for prospective teachers to mull over as they begin their teacher education program.

Too often, students are willing to rely on outside information without testing it against their own knowledge or frame of reference. Basic facets of the teaching profession are highlighted in the chapter. One part discusses the rewards of teaching.

Intrinsic rewards, because of their highly individualistic nature, vary in degree from teacher to teacher. The authors suggest that considering the personal value of both the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards of teaching is a realistic way for students to assess if they would be content as a teacher.

After studying the chapter, you should be able to: Identify several personal motivations for wanting to become a teacher.

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Identify and discuss common motivations for people wanting to teach. Identify and explain both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards in teaching.

List and explain sources of useful experience regarding teaching. Explain a potential difficulty faced by teachers whose primary motivation is to teach a particular content or subject matter. Explain how teachers can aid in the renewal of society through their teaching.

Identify public perceptions of teachers and teaching. Apply the concepts introduced to your own perspective on teaching. Think, speak, and write with greater clarity and insight about why you are considering or not considering a career in teaching.

Motivation People who engage in behaviors to receive praise, gain tangible rewards, or avoid punishment are extrinsically motivated e.

People who engage in behaviors to feel competent, gain mastery over some skill, or satisfy their curiosity are intrinsically motivated e. The exam questions are derived from the study guide, as well as any information discussed in assignments, lecture, resources or any other material provided in Bb.Learn bsad chapter 6 with free interactive flashcards.

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Bsad 204 chapter 1 test
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