Asian countries essay

Here is your short essay on Asia Sarita Soren Advertisements: Asia is the largest continent of the world. Asia is also the largest populate continent.

Asian countries essay

They are also called seven sisters of South Asia. They comprise one fifth of the world population with an average of income of Rs. More then million people of our region live below poverty line. Illiteracy is an outstanding problem here. Industrialization has failed to narrow the gulf of disparity between rural and urban population.

To improve the quality of life and promote welfare of thee people. To accelerate economic growth and social and cultural development in the region. To promote self reliance among the countries of the region. To generates mutual trust and understand and appreciate the problems of each other.

To strengthen cooperation with other developing countries. To cooperate on matters of common interest in international forum. To strengthen cooperation with regional and global organizations.

Main reason behind the ineffectiveness of this forum is the stained relations between India and Pakistan. According to Pakistan there can be no economic progress unless political issues are resolved. South Asia Free Trade Area was signed with zero customs duty on the trade of practically all products in the region by the end of year Man Mohan Singh on April 4 and 5, Afghanistan was admitted as the eighth member of the oraganisation and United States of America, European Union, Japan, china and South Korea attended the proceeding as visitors while.

Iran was admitted as another visitor for the forthcoming summit to be held in Maldive. Before being elected chairman of the summit Dr. Man Mohan Singh stressing the need for mutual cooperation and communication announced the provision of trade facilities, opening of the market and easing communication and visa restrications for its neighbouring countries.

He also announced that by the end of year under-developed neighbours such as Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh shall to be allowed free trade with India. In his inaugural address Dr. Man Mohan Singh announced the reduction in import reduction in import restrictions on sensitive commodities for under-developed member nations of the conference.

He also announced unilateral withdrawal of a number of restrictions on visa for students, scholars, professionals, correspondents and patients of South Asian countries. To keep pace with the increasing demand for energy to maintain sustainable economic growth of the region Dr.

Man Mahon Sigh proposed the formation of South Asian Energy Commission so that with the installation of power grids a regular supply of energy could be ensured. He also suggested that there should be direct link of air routes between the capital cities of all the members nations for better communication.

On the conclusion of the summit a joint statement of the member nations was issued wherein emphasis was laid to jointly face the challenges of poverty and natural calamities.

Necessity for regional cooperation in criminal matters and treaty for legal assistance for each other was also felt. Pakistan gave its concurrence for free trade among the member nations as envisaged under the provisions of SAPTA.

Fourteenth summit of the SAARC was successfully concluded but there was hardly any headway and the entire proceeding may be summed up as formalities. For the SAARC to deliver the goods the political animosities and suspicions of motivation shell have to be kept aside and the process of mutual trade and cooperation will have to be started.

Asian countries essay

According to the joint statement, all the member nations were committed to the eradication. For any progress in these matters mutual trust is the first requirement.

Let us hope that Indo-pak relations win improve by that time and the organiasation will be in a better position to discharge its functions as per expectations of the member nations.Rapid Economic Growth In East Asian Countries Over the past decade, there has been rapid long-term economic growth for East Asian countries.

These newly industrialising countries are experiencing growth rates in GDP per head at around 6% to 7% compared to the 2% to 3% for most industrial economies. Asian Countries: Similarities and Differences Comparison Essay by tpmaven Asian Countries: Similarities and Differences A research paper linking the four Asian countries of India, China, Vietnam, and Japan.

Asian countries are strong in culture values and intelligent minds. It have given birth to popular celebrities, famous priests and good politicians, (Sweetman, K. ). We will write a custom essay sample on Asian Countries specifically for you.

East Asian Economic Crisis Essay - East Asian Economic Crisis A large economic downturn in East Asia threatens to end its nearly 30 year run of high growth rates.

The crisis has caused Asian currencies to fall %, stock markets to decline 40%, banks to close, and property values to drop. Asian countries essay After nearly thirty years of great economic growth many Asian countries are in recession due to many bad business decisions.

The Asian financial crisis caused the value of Asian currency fall percent, stock markets to decline by 40 percent, property values to drop, and banks to close. This report is written to study the reasons why abortion should be partially legalized in Asian countries as this topic has been constantly debated for many years in many countries.

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