A good thesis statement for capital punishment

Student Answers hyderabadi Student Before you take a moral stand on the death penalty, do take the time to visit the inmates of death row. Once you know them, understand the nature of crime comitted take a while to introspect.

A good thesis statement for capital punishment

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Death Penalty Thesis Statement Examples

Most arguments in favor of capital punishment are either emotional in nature "how can you let this monster live??? There are many more solid arguments against capital punishment: By far the most compelling is this: Sometimes the legal system gets it wrong.

In the last 30 years in the U. Really, that should be reason enough for most people to oppose it. If you need more, read on: The deterrent effect is questionable at best. This may seem counterintuitive, and there are many theories about why this is Ted Bundy saw it as a challenge, so he chose Florida — the most active execution state at the time — to carry out his final murder spree.

It is probably due, at least in part, to the high cost see 2which drains resources from police departments, drug treatment programs, education, and other government services that help prevent crime.

Personally, I think it also has to do with the hypocrisy of taking a stand against murder…by killing people. In his words, "I have been looking to be a martyr [for a] long time.

Thesis statement on pro capital punishment

Most governments are supposed to be secular, but for those who invoke Christian law in this debate, you can find arguments both for AND against the death penalty in the Bible. For example, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus praises mercy Matthew 5: Good luck on your paper!This assignment instructed students to write a persuasive essay which argues for a specific viewpoint or a specific action to be taken on a societal issue.

A good thesis statement for capital punishment

I argued for a specific stance to be taken on the issue of the death penalty. The audience for this essay is the opinion section of the.

Thesis Statement Examples On Capital Punishment

Thesis Statement: Although the opponents of capital punishment believe this to be immoral and non-productive, advocates of capital punishment have proven this to be a cost effective, and ethically correct deterrent of future murders.

Any thesis statement should be determined by what the author really believes. This question about the death penalty is one that really tries to force the author to take a position for or against.

[thesis statement] Starting Sentence Option 2: Much controversy surrounds [the death penalty/capital punishment].

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The idea of killing someone [as a consequence/in punishment] of a crime seems [cruel/just] to many, but others [are for/are against/protest] it. Thesis Statements File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat A thesis statement A) is clear, B) is concise, and C) goes beyond fact and becomes *Capital punishment is a remnant of times when humans were uncivilized.

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #2 The Role of God and Religion in Crime and Punishment The function of religion and individual understandings of God is an important theme in the novel, particularly toward the end.

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